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A Communications Strategy for a Social Determinants of Health Campaign

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

What We Did

To address the pressing need for greater awareness of social determinants in health, we embarked on a mission to craft a compelling communications strategy for a new non-profit health campaign.

  1. Audience Segmentation: Recognizing that different groups have varied levels of understanding and concerns about social determinants, we segmented our target audience to tailor our messaging effectively.

  2. Content Development: We developed a range of content, from informative articles to engaging multimedia pieces, ensuring that our campaign catered to diverse preferences and learning styles.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement: We collaborated with experts, community leaders, and affected individuals to ensure our campaign was credible and resonant.

  4. Platform Selection: Understanding the importance of reaching our audience where they are, we identified the most effective platforms for our campaign, from traditional media to digital channels.

  5. Feedback Mechanisms: To ensure our campaign remained relevant and effective, we integrated feedback mechanisms, allowing us to refine our approach based on audience input continuously.

  1. Comprehensive Communications Strategy: A detailed plan outlining our campaign's objectives, target audience, messaging, content types, distribution channels, and evaluation metrics.

  2. Campaign Toolkit: A set of resources, including templates, graphics, and guidelines, to support consistent and effective campaign implementation across platforms.

  3. Awareness Metrics: A dashboard capturing key performance indicators, such as engagement rates, reach, and audience feedback, to measure the campaign's impact and success.



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