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Building a grassroots social prescribing movement in south London

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

What We Did

In our collaboration with Community Bridges C.I.C., our primary objective was to bolster their social prescribing magazine launch in Peckham and aid their expansion.

  1. Evaluation Plan Development: We assisted Community Bridges in crafting a robust evaluation plan, ensuring they had a clear roadmap for assessing their impact and effectiveness in the community.

  2. Narrative and Stakeholder Mapping: Recognizing the importance of a cohesive story and understanding key players, we developed a compelling narrative and comprehensive stakeholder map for the organization.

  3. Stakeholder Outreach and Messaging Alignment: As Community Bridges grew, we supported their stakeholder outreach efforts. Additionally, we aligned their narrative and messaging with available data, ensuring consistency and credibility.

  4. Content Creation: We produced content to enhance Community Bridges' visibility and credibility, targeting the general public and governmental entities. This was instrumental in elevating their stature in the social enterprise domain.

Front cover of social prescribing magazine CB SE5
  1. Community Podcast: A platform for sharing stories, insights, and updates about Community Bridges and their initiatives.

  2. Blog: Regularly updated content providing insights, news, and updates about the organization's activities and impact.

  3. Evaluation Plans: Comprehensive evaluation blueprints designed for fellow community organizations, promoting best practices and practical assessment.

All these resources can be accessed on their official website:


Community Bridges C.I.C. fully funded this pivotal project.


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