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Crafting a compelling narrative on respiratory diseases

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

What We Did

Our team embarked on a project to craft a compelling narrative and position statement in response to the growing need for a comprehensive understanding of respiratory diseases and their associated vaccinations. Our primary focus was on the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, RSV in adults and children, and the influenza vaccine.

  1. Research Synthesis: We began by collating and analyzing recent research findings on these diseases and their vaccines. This ensured our narrative was grounded in the latest scientific evidence.

  2. Internal Business Strategy Integration: We integrated insights from our organization's internal business strategy to ensure alignment with our broader goals and objectives.

  3. Consultation with Leadership and Experts: Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives, we engaged with organizational leadership and subject matter experts. Their insights were invaluable in refining our narrative and ensuring its relevance and accuracy.

  1. Position Statement: A comprehensive position statement highlighting the significance of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, RSV in adults and children, and the influenza vaccine. This statement serves as a guide for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the general public.

  2. Educational Material: Based on our narrative, we developed educational materials to raise awareness about these respiratory diseases and the importance of vaccination.

  3. Strategic Recommendations: Drawing from our research and consultations, we provided strategic recommendations to our organization on effectively promoting and implementing vaccination programs.


Pfizer generously funded this project.


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