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Increasing company capacity for influencing policy change

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

What we did

Our collaboration with multiple department teams aimed to deepen their grasp of life course vaccination and the associated policy opportunities.

  1. Tailored Research: Recognizing the diverse interests of different teams, we adapted our research focus, ranging from healthy ageing to cancer prevention. This ensured that our insights were directly relevant to each team's area of interest.

  2. Internal Intelligence Gathering: We embarked on a comprehensive internal data collection process, ensuring our recommendations were grounded in the organization's existing knowledge and priorities.

  3. Expert Interviews: Engaging with industry and academic experts provided us with invaluable insights, enriching our understanding and ensuring the credibility of our findings.

  4. Desk-based Research: Our team conducted thorough desk-based research, ensuring that the latest developments in the field informed our policy briefs.

  5. Co-development and Compliance: We collaborated closely with the teams and co-developed the policy briefs. Additionally, we ensured that all our outputs complied with medical and legal standards.

  1. Policy Briefs: A set of 8 comprehensive policy briefs, each accompanied by infographics. These briefs were tailored to the teams' specific needs, highlighting relevant business opportunities and policy levers.



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