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Policy forecasting and finding opportunities for the year ahead

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

What We Did

Our mission was to comprehensively understand the evolving landscape surrounding HIV policy themes and engagement opportunities for the upcoming year.

  1. Event Research: We delved into upcoming events relevant to the HIV policy domain, ensuring we captured all significant happenings that could influence the discourse.

  2. Theoretical Exploration: We explored current and emerging theories to understand the foundational knowledge and innovative perspectives shaping the field.

  3. Stakeholder Activity Analysis: By examining leading stakeholder activities, we gained insights into the primary drivers and influencers in the HIV policy arena.

  4. Literature Review and Interviews: We thoroughly analysed both academic and grey literature. Additionally, interviews with internal colleagues enriched our understanding, ensuring our findings were both evidence-based and grounded in practical experience.

Front cover of policy forecasting report


  1. Interactive PDF Report: A comprehensive document detailing the pivotal HIV policy themes, coupled with emerging opportunities for collaborative policy, messaging, and communications.

  2. Slide Deck: A visually engaging presentation that encapsulates the key findings from our research, designed to assist colleagues in their annual business planning.



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