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Someone working on a laptop to change healthcare.

How we can help

Influence measurable change using evidence-based methodologies tailored to your needs. 

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Research and analysis  

Analyzing Graphs to effectively influence healthcare change

Health Policy Analysis

Navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape and uncover opportunities for growth. We can help you understand the implications of existing and proposed policies, provide actionable recommendations to improve patient outcomes and strategic insights to guide decision-making.  

Blood pressure monitor

Monitoring and Evaluation

Demonstrate impact and continuously improve policies, programs, and interventions. We help you develop appropriate evaluation and monitoring processes to determine effectiveness, inform improvements, and showcase achievements. 

Research and development in vaccine policy

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

We'll design and execute research methodologies to strengthen your value story. We can help you assess impact and cost-effectiveness, develop key public health data, benchmark and compare health interventions. 

A researcher reviewing literature to improve advocacy strategies in healthcare

Literature review

We synthesise the latest research findings, ensuring a robust and comprehensive understanding of your topic of interest. With an emphasis on rigour and accuracy, our reviews will stand up to the scrutiny of medical experts and legal evaluations.

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Evidence-informed policy

Hands together for shared decision making in healthcare

Policy Development & Advocacy

Be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and drive impactful change for patients and systems. We will lead the co-development of white papers, policy briefs, articles, press releases, presentations and information packs that build value and garner multidisciplinary buy-in. 

diverse colleagues in Public Health Policy Consulting

Training and Capacity Building

Enhance your teams’ health policy and advocacy skills and knowledge. We equip teams with the skills and knowledge needed to advocate effectively across different disease and policy areas. 

Diverse faces working together to change healthcare

Messaging and Positioning

Develop clear, consistent, evidence-informed narratives that build value and resonate with multiple stakeholder groups.

International hybrid working to developadvocacy strategies in healthcare

Local and Regional Policy Support

Maximise impact through tailored policy implementation. We can assist in developing and implementing health policies tailored to specific local or regional contexts, addressing unique challenges and opportunities to drive impactful change. 

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Tailored communications

colleagues collaborating to create shared decision making in healthcare

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Collaborate with key stakeholders globally to call for change. We can help you reach out to new stakeholders, set-up meetings and events, manage networks and co-create high-impact outputs. 

Digital content creation is key advocacy strategies in healthcare to

Content Creation

Become a thought leader by producing high-quality, digital content such as infographics, animation, and social content that communicates reliable theory and data and builds value for a diverse audience.

colleagues collaborating on vaccine policy opportunities

Strategic Communications

Maximize your impact through strategic communications that provide a clear, consistent, evidence-informed message and leverage digital technology to target key audiences and generate measurable engagem

Academic publishing is key to healthcare change

Academic Publishing

Be a thought leader by publishing academic and practically-relevant research and theory. We can help you conceptualise and develop ideas, implement academically robust research methodologies, analyse data and publish in leading journals.

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